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Florida Premarital

Florida Premarital Single User Certification - $19.99 - Single User Only (103)

The cost of your Single-User Premarital Course is $19.99 per person. This Single-User Premarital Course is for those couples who have already received an Out of State (Non-Resident) Waiver from their County Clerk of Court, and who requires a single user certification for their loved ones' who is a Florida resident. If either party of this union lives in a different country (non-resident of the United States), and desire to marry in the State of Florida you are required to register for our Course for Couples to avoid any delays with your County Clerk.

Once registration is complete the single user will have full access to all the course material for a period of 30 days from the moment you register or till the completion of the course. A customer service representative will also be available to answer all of your questions until completion. You may download your "certificate of completion" for personal use at the conclusion of your course as your certified copies will be emailed to you for security reasons. So take your time and register today!

Due to new regulations and Florida Policies, you may download your "certificate of completion" for personal use while waiting 2-3 business days to receive your original certificate of completion. So take your time and register today you will love this course!

30-Day Benchmark Terms

All of our courses begin the moment you register and pay for the classes. You and your future spouse will each have full access after you register and pay for the course in order to track your progress for a period of 30 days or until the completion of the course. For our Virtual Course students, it is important to schedule your appointment with your Virtual Instructor as soon as possible. Virtual Instructor Courses are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Important: Separate login information will be issued to your other party once the request is made. It is required that you complete your course within the 30-day benchmark from the time registered.

Non-Refundable Policy

At the Premarital Course Center, we offer all of our couples an opportunity to choose a Premarital Course Provider suitable to each couples' needs. Since our courses are intellectual property and covered by our Copyright Infringement Policies we Do Not issue refunds.

Course Creator: Rev. Luis A. Fernandez FPCE: Florida Premarital Course Education

  • Section 1
  • Segment 1: Welcome Message
  • Segment 1: Course Introduction
  • Segment 1: Legal Identification Form
  • Segment 1: Instructors
  • Segment 1: Completion
  • Section 2
  • Segment 2: He posed the question.
  • Segment 2: Why are you getting married?
  • Segment 2: Completion
  • Section 3
  • Segment 3: Vows or Not
  • Segment 3: Three Year Pitfall
  • Segment 3: Completion
  • Break Time
  • Break Time: 5:00
  • Section 4
  • Segment 4 Video: Wish things were different
  • Segment 4: The Giant called Divorce
  • Segment 4: Divorce Statistics in USA
  • Segment 4: Top Ten Reasons People Divorce
  • Segment 4: Completion
  • Section 5
  • Segment 5: Video of Five Love Languages
  • Segment 5: Communication - The Love Tank
  • Segment 5: Five Love Languages
  • Segment 5: Communication - Dos and Dont's
  • Segment 5: Simple Quiz
  • Segment 5: Completion
  • Break Time
  • Break Time 2: 5:00
  • Segment 6: Video - The Titanic Boat Ride
  • Segment 6: The Titanic History
  • Segment 6: The Four Seasons of Marriage
  • Segment 6: Completion
  • Section 7
  • Segment 7: Priorities Video
  • Segment 7: The Eight Biblical Priorities
  • Segment 7: Family Rules / Hedges
  • Segment 7: Completion
  • Break Time
  • Break Time 3: 5:00
  • Section 8
  • Segment 8: Financial Video
  • Segment 8: Financial Stewardship
  • Segment 8: Completion
  • Section 9
  • Segment 9: Sex Video
  • Segment 9: Sex & Intimacy
  • Segment 9: Intimacy Tips
  • Segment 9: Sexual Immorality & Pornography
  • Segment 9: Completion
  • Section 10
  • Segment 10: Wedding Video
  • Segment 10: Wedding Tips
  • Segment 10: Wedding Checklist
  • Segment 10: Marriage License Application
  • Segment 10: Legal Name Change
  • Segment 10: Completion
  • Section 11
  • Segment 11: Want to speak with your Instructor?
  • Segment 11: Final Question
  • Segment 11: Completion
  • Section 12
  • Segment 11: Covid Rules
  • Segment 12: Certification & Completion
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year